I decided to start a blog for a few reasons.

1. I wanted to gain some writing experience and have a space for writing about some issues that interest me.

2. I’m interested in living a more ethical life – by that,  I mean being greener but also more conscientious about my lifestyle choices, for example the job I do, travel, banking, reducing energy use in my home and so on.

My first step towards a more ethical life was to apply for a job with a international development charity and leave my job in the travel industry.  Through my work, I met like-minded people and became more aware of global and environmental issues.  I’ve become particularly interested in ethical travel, for example volunteering holidays and visiting community based tourism projects.  I’m also passionate about reducing waste and saving energy in my own home.  I’ve recently started investigating other changes I can make to my lifestyle in order to become more ethical.  In my blog I would like to write about these changes, make suggestions for ethical living and recommend websites which offer advice and ideas for a greener existence.